How To Practice More Self Love In 2019

Happy New Year from our team at Doctor Anywhere!

In this article, we’ll kickstart the new year with 10 self-love habits to pick up along the way, under three main themes – nutrition, skincare and fitness. Read on to find out how to show more love your health this 2019.

Love Nutrition

1. More home-cooking, less eating out

meat dish on green and white ceramic bowl

Opting for home-cooked meals will do good for your body and health. Besides being the cheaper option, cooking your own food gives you greater control over your nutrition. You can decide on the kinds of foods to include in your diet, as well as the way it’s prepared.

2. Eat regular meals

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Skipping meals for long periods of time would make you extremely hungry at some point, which may cause you to overindulge during your next meal. Furthermore, hunger pains can throw your productivity off during work. Take regular meals and avoid overeating to maximize your productivity throughout the day.

3. Cut down on binge drinking

It may seem like a fun idea during the festive season, but binge drinking leaves your body feeling nauseous, weak and tired, not to mention the headache that hits you in the morning. Perhaps this year is the perfect time to cut out the habit and get back on the road to better health.

Love Your Skin

4. Wear more sunscreen

white cream on woman's hand

We cannot stress how vital sunscreen is in a climate like Singapore’s. Protect yourself from skin damage by slapping on some sunscreen every time you go outdoors, even if it’s cloudy or if you’re only out in the sun for a short while.

5. Always hydrate

dropped water in clear drinking glass

Hydration is always vital – besides nourishment for your skin, your body needs water for pretty much everything. It helps your skin keep that elasticity and youthfulness, while combating skin dryness and wrinkles.

6. Try to de-stress

woman sitting on sand

Unnecessary stress can affect your skin, increasing the risk of skin ageing and the development of issues and conditions. It’s important to recognize the stressors in your life and learn how to avoid or react differently to them. Perhaps try mindful meditation, breathing training or improve your sleeping patterns to minimize stress levels.

Love Fitness

7. Think long-term, not short-term

It’s time to cut out the weight loss pills and juices, appetite suppressants and meal replacements. Start the new year with a resolution focused on long-term nutrition and fitness by combining healthy eating with regular exercise.

8. Schedule regular workouts

person holding teal mat

Regular physical activity can help you reduce your risk of developing conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. It also aids your mental function by decreasing brain aging, stress levels and improving your mood.

9. Monitor your body

aerial view photography of person holding arm while pressing blood pressure machine

While you’re exercising regularly and eating right, do remember to constantly monitor your vitals and progress. Your body may undergo some changes as it might be still getting used to your new lifestyle.

Do consult our doctors if you notice anything unusual about your body that you’re concerned about. Apart from that, it’s also important to schedule yearly health screenings to keep track on your body’s health status. To book a home-based health screening, click here and choose from our range of packages.

Lastly, we ask our resident doctor for a simple self-love tip to start the year:

“Start the new year by showing more love to your health – listen to your body’s signs and seek help or take action instead of suffering in silence.”

– Dr. Kevin Kok, Chief Operating Officer