Practicing mindfulness can bring you many benefits to your work and daily life.

How To Practice Mindfulness In Your Day

Practicing mindfulness can bring you many benefits to your work and daily life.

Mindfulness is more than just a buzzword in today’s culture. Practicing mindfulness can bring you many benefits to your work and daily life such as raised productivity, reduced stress, increased emotional intelligence, heightened creativity and improved physical well being.

So what exactly is mindfulness?

Learning how to be mindful will go a long way for your mental health.

Being mindful is the ability to be fully present in the moment of whatever you are doing. It could be about doing a task on hand, a conversation with someone, having a meal alone, or working on a skill. Mindfulness is something that everyone is capable of, but it does require practice. Here are a couple of easy ways of how you can start introducing mindfulness into your daily life.

Habits To Develop Mindfulness

#1: Wake up 3 minutes earlier

Instead of rushing through your normal morning routine, use the extra 3 minutes to just sit and stare out of the window, choosing to be thankful for the moment of calm. It will help you start the day with a right frame of mind.

#2: Eat mindfully

Put your phone away when you are eating. Chew slower that you normally would, and feel the tastes and texture of the food in your mouth, right down to how it slides down your throat. This simple practice gives you time to disconnect from other things that is happening around you and also allows for better digestion of food.

#3: Enjoy a bit of sun

You can do this at a quiet part of the neighbourhood or if you have access to a park, it makes it the perfect place for doing this. During a short walk of about 10 minutes, keep your observations keen, but relaxed, listening out for sounds in the distance and the breeze on your skin.

Working with your hands can be a fun and also calming activity.

#4: Pick up a hobby that involves working with your hands

There is something gratifying about creating with your own two hands. It could be woodworking, knitting, or colouring, so long as it is something that brings you away from your laptop and mobile devices. Not only do you have something tangible to look at for your efforts, sustained practice in this hobby can bring immense satisfaction from the improvements that you have made over time.

#5: Meditate

Meditation is one of the most effective and popular methods to practice mindfulness. There are many ways to meditate, and common themes include focusing on the sensations that one can feel throughout the body, or projecting images in the mind to experience positive emotions.

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