5 upcoming fun-run events to sign up for in Singapore

If you’re looking for a fun and interesting fitness challenge that you can participate in with your family and friends, look no further. These family-friendly runs are great for spending quality time with your loved ones while doing a fun and healthy activity together.

Read on for our top 5 selections, and get ready to lace up and join in the fun!


1. Mizuno Women’s Run

This run is specially organised to encourage women of all ages to get active through running. This is open to women of all ages and fitness levels, and is a great event to bond and find support from other women in Singapore. So, whether you’re 9 or 90, a fitspo or couch potato, join in the run to inspire others or to just have fun!

Date:                  7 April

Time:                  7:30 AM

Location:            Clarke Quay Central

Cost:                   From $35

Sign up here:

2. Income Eco Run

(Source: Run Society)

In support for environmental conservation, strap on those runners and join in this Zero Waste run with your family and kids. This run is special, because you get different race entitlements for different categories. For example, for the 21.1km half marathon, you’ll not receive a finisher t-shirt or medal, but rather, a reusable cup, to champion the cause for zero waste!

Date:                  28 April

Time:                  5:00 AM

Location:            F1 Pit Building

Cost:                   From $50

Sign up here:

3. My Melody Run

Sanrio fans would be thrilled to know that the first My Melody Run will be happening this year, right on this island. If you’ve been feeling a little guilty with too much snacking, or if you just want to take part in a more wholesome activity, this family-friendly 5km run will make exercising a little sweeter. What’s more? There’s a bunch of cute My Melody-themed merchandise – a plush toy, shirt, bib, medal and bag – that comes with your race pack!

Date:                  12 May

Time:                  8:00 AM

Location:            Sentosa

Cost:                   $65

Sign up here:

4. AIA Glow Festival Run

(Source: Honey Combers)

This run is a part of AIA’s Glow Festival, the first-of-its-kind wellness event that includes food, health, music and community. While the sun’s up, there’s a range of wellness activities like yoga and this fun 5km run to pump yourself up for the event. When the sun sets, music and lights take over with performances from international and local DJs and artists!

Date:                  25 May

Time:                  7:00 AM

Location:            Sentosa

Cost:                   From $69

Sign up here:

5. OSIM Sundown Marathon

(Source: Sundown Marathon)

With the slogan “Sleep Can Wait”, this night run challenges your fitness in a different light. Depending on your abilities, you can opt for the 5km, 10km, 21km or 42km run to test your limits. One thing’s for sure – under the moonlight and cooler temperature, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting baked by the scorching sun!

Date:                  1 June

Time:                  Sundown

Location:            F1 Pit Building

Cost:                   From $35

Sign up here:


While you’re preparing for these runs, remember to keep your health in check by getting yearly screenings and ensuring you have a proper diet. To accompany this, we have a range of nutritional supplements on the Marketplace to boost your overall health and immunity. Shop on the in-App Marketplace now!