News: Doctor Anywhere Goes Regional

SINGAPORE, Sept. 10, 2019 – Doctor Anywhere, Singapore’s tech-led health and wellness company, today signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Bao Minh Insurance, one of the largest insurance groups in Vietnam, to bring online healthcare services to Bao Minh’s customers throughout Vietnam.

This is the most comprehensive digital healthcare service to be launched in Vietnam, bringing a suite of online and offline healthcare services, including doctor video-consultation and medication delivery, online health and wellness shopping marketplace, home-based healthcare services, and more, all on one single platform to the people in Vietnam.

The strategic partnership signing today is between Lim Wai Mun and Trinh Ngoc Phan of Doctor Anywhere, and Le Van Thanh and Pham Minh Tuan of Bao Minh Insurance Corporation.
The strategic partnership signing today is between Lim Wai Mun and Trinh Ngoc Phan of Doctor Anywhere, and Le Van Thanh and Pham Minh Tuan of Bao Minh Insurance Corporation.

Mr Le Van Thành, General Director and board member of Bao Minh expressed his enthusiasm in the partnership, “Bao Minh is thrilled to be the pioneer in the Vietnam market to offer digital healthcare solutions as part of our insurance programs. We are always on the lookout for innovative ways to improve our service quality. This collaboration with Doctor Anywhere will allow us to be well-positioned to meet the demands of the digital age in Vietnam.”

Vietnam has a population of an estimated 96 million, with a smartphone penetration rate of 84% in key cities. This partnership is a crucial milestone in the healthcare ecosystem of Vietnam. Under this partnership, more than 7 million Bao Minh customers will have access to Doctor Anywhere’s suite of digital healthcare solutions. With the power of technology and innovation, healthcare services can be better distributed in the country, easing the current resource constraints on hospitals and doctors, and make quality healthcare services more accessible and affordable for all Vietnamese.

With this partnership, Bao Minh’s insured customers can video-consult a Vietnamese doctor through the Doctor Anywhere app.

Mr Lim Wai Mun, Founder and CEO of Doctor Anywhere, stated: “We are thrilled to establish our footprint in Vietnam, one of the fastest growing developing economies in Asia. Since our launch in Q2 2019, we have established our presence in the business hubs of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, with plans to roll out more clinics and pharmacies in key cities in the upcoming months. With this landmark agreement with Bao Minh, we will be able to strengthen our commitment to deliver convenient healthcare solutions tailored to the needs of the Vietnamese people, and become the model for case study in other Asian healthcare markets.”

This is the first significant regional expansion that is announced by Doctor Anywhere, with a few other major partnerships in discussion. Digitalised healthcare solutions is one of the fastest growing sectors in the region, as consumers shift lifestyle habits and behaviour towards online providers. Doctor Anywhere is positioned to become a key market influencer in the digital healthcare industry.

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About Bao Minh Insurance Corporation

With over 25 years of industry experience, Bao Minh Insurance Corporation is one of Vietnam’s leading enterprises in the insurance market, operating a vast nationwide network with extensive reach and coverage. Bao Minh’s insurance products include a diverse and comprehensive range of plans that covers both personal and organisation needs.

Bao Minh is an esteemed enterprise with effective business policies, and high and stable financial ratios. They are assessed by A.M Best to have the financial capacity of B ++ (Good) over the years.