Try these healthy chinese new year snacks during CNY celebrations

Guilt-Free Alternatives To Festive Snacks

Try these healthy chinese new year snacks during CNY celebrations

We’re back for another round of healthy snack alternatives! This time, we give you our favourite substitutes for Chinese New Year foods as we celebrate the festive season. But we’re not saying you need to completely cut out your long-awaited pineapple tarts from your diet. It’s all about moderation – you can have your CNY goodies in small amounts, and if you’re craving for more delicious treats, this article might just come in handy to sate your appetite.

1. Grilled Pineapples

Grilled pineapples can be a good alternative for pineapple tarts.

Rather than over indulging in pineapple tarts, why not try grilling fresh pineapples instead? There are no added ingredients to this dish, just the rich nutrient content and flavour that comes with the fruit, making it a healthier alternative.

Fruits generally contain natural sugars which turn into a caramelised crust when grilled or roasted with high heat. It may be a little exotic for Chinese New Year, but when the sweet, tender and juicy pineapple melts in your mouth, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice.

2. Almonds

Almonds are delicious and healthy chinese new year snack alternative.

If you want your dose of nuts this CNY, choose almonds instead of salted peanuts. Not only does it contain less amounts of saturated fat compared to peanuts, it’s also a source of protein, fibre and vitamin E. Almonds have also been found to help reduce your blood sugar, blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels.

But with that said, it’s important not to go nuts about this type of healthy snack as too much of it can lead to some issues due to its high fat, selenium and fibre content.

3. Steamed Dumplings

Have steamed dumplings instead of fried ones for something healthier.

Steamed dumplings are in some ways more versatile than fried ones. It can be served alone, in soup or alongside a staple, and it doesn’t get that soggy after-effect when kept outside for a while (unlike pan-fried ones). It’s also a healthier option as it’s made without the added oil.

What’s great about dumplings is that you can pick and choose the ingredients according to what you like, and it all tastes great. Some examples include pork, shrimp or just pure vegetables. Our favourite pick is spinach and chives, what’s yours?

4. Oatmeal Cookies

Try baking oatmeal cookies, although be careful of adding too much sugar.

Oatmeal cookies are more nutritious that other types of regular cookies as they contain a whole lot of fibre. This means that your blood sugar levels are less likely to spike up due to its lower glycaemic index. What’s more? Compared to regular cookies, you might feel more energetic and less hungry after each bite.

But bear in mind that they are still filled with sugar, so don’t go too wild. Perhaps you can try making them with less sugar or use sugar-free sweeteners for a healthier dish.

5. Cold Spring Rolls

Cold spring rolls are a healthy alternative that are just as tasty.

If you want your shrimp roll, cold spring rolls are your healthiest bet. Using only fresh raw vegetables and steamed shrimps, they’re also really easy to prepare. You can also add in buckwheat noodles, which are gluten-free (like the rice paper roll) and filled with vitamins and nutrients.

Try rolling it together with your family so everyone can make a personalised roll with their favourite mix of vegetables, noodles and meats!


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