We answer some questions on how to wean your child off breastfeeding

How To Get Baby Off The Boob

We answer some questions on how to wean your child off breastfeeding

There’s no best way to wean your baby, but there sure are some tips to help you along the way. It’s important to go slow and make sure both you and your little one are ready before moving on to the next step of your motherhood journey. The key in making this journey a smooth one is to be prepared, and we’ll show you how!

1. When should I start weaning by baby?

There is no set time on when it’s best to start weaning your baby. You’re the best judge of it, and it really depends on when you and your baby are ready. However, if you’d like a rough gauge, you can start introducing your baby to solid foods she reaches six months old.

 2.  How do I know when my baby is ready for solid foods?

There are a few signs that give you a good idea of when your baby is ready for solid foods. For example, if your baby can sit up without support, starts putting things in her mouth or demands for milk more frequently than usual, then she is ready for weaning.

 3.  What textures of food should I feed my baby?

When you first start weaning, prepare purees for your baby. Once your baby used to this, then you can slowly introduce more textures. It’s very important to let your baby try a variety of textures and foods.

 When your baby reaches seven to nine months old, you can let her eat mashed foods with a few small lumps. When your baby starts enjoying or getting used to small pieces of food, then you can introduce her to finger foods and even let her feed herself with a spoon.

4. Which nutrients are important?

The key nutrients needed by your baby includes iron, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin D and omega 3 fattty acids. When you start weaning your baby, focus on getting her used to solid foods first, before making sure she gets the right nutrients.

5. Should I start reducing milk feeds when weaning?

Your baby will slowly start to feed less when they start weaning. In time, you’ll find that your baby will become less interested in milk and more keen on solid foods. However, she still needs at least 500ml to 600ml of milk until she reaches 12 months old.

6. What solid foods should I avoid?

If you have a family history of allergies or unsure about it, try to avoid nuts in your baby’s diet. Don’t feed her whole nuts until she reaches at least five years old. Try to avoid sugary or salty foods, and be careful when feeding your child small pieces of fruit or vegetables that can cause your baby to choke.

7. What if I experience difficulty in weaning by baby?

If you have issues with weaning your baby, get help from a pediatrician or a qualified lactation consultant.


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