We share some foods that cause gas in your tummy!

5 Foods That Cause Gas

We share some foods that cause gas in your tummy!

We all pass gas, whether we like to talk about it or not. Gas is caused by swallowed air, after eating or drinking, coupled with digestion in your gut. This leads to burping, passing out gas or feeling bloated.

Most people pass out gas up to 14 times a day, some more than others, which can be embarrassing. If you experience gas often, you’ll be glad to know that changing your diet can help a little. Here are the top five foods that you should avoid for less gas.

1. Beans

Beans may be responsible for the gas in your tummy

Beans are the probably the food most known to cause gas. They contain a substance called raffinose, a complex sugar that is difficult to digest. As such, it releases a lot of gas when it gets broken down by bacteria in the large intestines.

2. Dairy

Avoid dairy if you are lactose intolerant

Most dairy products contain a sugar called lactose. Many people who have increased gas due to dairy suffer from lactose intolerance. People with this condition lack the enzyme that’s meant to digest lactose, and experience symptoms such as excessive gas, bloating, abdominal pain and diarrhoea when they consume dairy products.

3. Fruits

Fruits can be broken down to produce gas in your tummy

Lots of sweet fruits contain many natural sugars which is hard to digest. Soluble fibres are also present in many fruits, and together with sugars, these fibres gets broken down by bacteria in the large intestine to produce gas.

4. Soda

Sodas are very gassy.

Carbonated drinks contribute to the amount of swallowed air, which has to pass through your gut. This can cause you to burp and pass gas more frequently. Swap gassy drinks for juice or water, and it may reduce the amount of gas you produce.

5. Processed foods

Avoid processed foods if you have been having stomach issues

Processed goods include breast, cereals, sauces and dressings and most of these products contain sugars such as fructose and lactose. As mentioned above, a combination of these sugars can cause you to pass out gas more frequently.