Find out about the different health screening tests, such as the 6me screening.

4 Things To Know About FDW Health Screenings

Find out about the different health screening tests, such as the 6me screening.

Our domestic helper is an invaluable extra pair of hands at home to relieve some of the household duties, and allow us more time for rest and relaxation with the family. Part of our responsibilities as employers is to ensure that our helper gets regular health screening as mandated by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower. In this article, we’ll guide you through the types of screenings you need to send your helper for at various stages of her employment.

Read on for some useful information on these screenings, so you can book them with ease.

1. The pre-employment health screening 

The pre-employment health screening

This screening should be done at least 2 weeks before your helper begins working for you. Your helper needs to pass this exam to receive the work permit, otherwise, she will have to be sent home. This exam tests for 4 types of infectious disease – tuberculosis, HIV, syphilis, malaria – as well as whether your helper is physically and mentally fit to work.

2. The 6-monthly medical exam (6ME)

The 6-monthly medical exam

You should send your helper for the 6ME every six months during her employment. This exam screens for pregnancy and infectious diseases such as syphilis. After the first 2 years, your helper will have to do a 6ME that includes a tuberculosis test (chest X-ray), and she will need to get checked for HIV every 2 years.

3. You can opt for home-based 6ME screenings

6ME screenings can be done at home

Doctor Anywhere provides a range of home-based screenings which includes the MOM-approved 6-monthly medical exam for your helper. With this option, we’ll send our medical team right to your doorstep for the full screening and submit your helper’s results (if required) directly to Ministry of Manpower (MOM). A soft-copy of your results will be sent to your registered email, with the physical copy stored securely at the clinic.

4. Look out for MOM’s letter

MOM will send a letter to alert you when your helper needs to attend her health screening

MOM will send you a notification letter through post when your helper is due for her health screening. Do keep a look out for this letter as you’ll need to send your helper for the exam before her due date.  With Doctor Anywhere’s home-based 6ME screening, results will be ready within 3 working days from the exam date. However, remember to buffer at least 10 working days from booking your appointment. Please only book your helper’s medical exam only if you’ve received MOM’s notification letter.


For more information on home-based health screenings and how you can book yours, visit MOM’s website page here. MOM also sends out emailers and other information leaflets through post which contain useful content on screenings for your helper. If your helper is due for her health screening, click here to book a home-based one through our website.