SG Health Screenings: All You Need To Know

Finding the right health screening package can be tough, especially when there’s a myriad of them with tests that all seem too important to exclude. Most places offer great packages for common conditions, but the main struggle is probably knowing what tests you really need and weighing the costs against them. Fret not, this article might just help you cut through the clutter to find that suitable package!

1. There Are 3 Types of Health Screenings

Type 1 should be the go-to option for anyone looking to do regular health screenings. Type 2 screenings consist of different tests which benefit some people and not others. Consult your doctor before opting for those screenings as they’re highly dependent on your risk factors and health history. Currently, there’s not enough evidence to support type 3 screenings, so you might want to stay clear of them.

2. Go For Regular Screenings

A one-off screening only picks up present conditions, but may not detect the ones that come up in your later years. Health screenings should be done at regular intervals (1/year – 1/3 years), depending on your age and health status. Again, it’s best to consult your doctor on how often you should get checked.

3. Your Screening Should Include A Full Physical Examination

Every basic package should include a comprehensive physical examination. This should cover reports on your height/weight, BMI, vision and other general procedures. Basic packages should also include blood sugar, cholesterol and urine analysis.

4. Medisave Might Not Cover Much

Unfortunately, Medisave only covers a small range of screenings (e.g. mammograms, colonoscopies). But if you have a chronic disease such as diabetes or hypertension, you might be able to make some claims as part of outpatient treatments.

5.  But, There’s Other Schemes That Can Cover Costs

We know screenings can be pricey. The good news is that there are other schemes that can help you slash some costs.

For one, the government initiative ‘Screen For Life’ entitles Singaporeans/PRs to subsidised screenings. If you’re at least 50 years old with a Health Assist card, you can get free cancer screening tests under the SG50 Cancer Screening programme. Pioneer Generation members also enjoy subsidized screening and can claim up to S$28.50 for related consultations.

6. Polyclinics Don’t Offer Comprehensive Health Screenings

Although polyclinics provide screenings for specific diseases, they don’t offer comprehensive ones. If you’re looking for affordable basic packages, read the next section for a list of packages under $100.

7. Recommended Packages in Singapore

You’ll be glad to know that Doctor Anywhere offers home-based health screening services from as low as $70. That’s right, you don’t even have to move a muscle – we’ll send a doctor right to your doorstep for the full screening. Check out our screening packages here.