Kopi With Dr. Kevin

In this newsletter issue, we get up close and personal with the fitspo (and very charming) Dr. Kevin Kok, our Director of Medical Services. Over a good cup of kopi, he lets us in on his healthcare journey and top secrets for keeping healthy and fit. Don’t you just love a good Q&A.

1. Perhaps you can start by telling us why wanted to become a doctor?

Well, truth to be told. I wanted to become an economist. But as with all things, I listened to the advice of my Mum, and took up Medicine, and I’m really glad I did. There are very few jobs where you can have a direct impact on the lives of those you serve.

2. Why venture into telehealth?

I believe that healthcare can be delivered in a more efficient manner (that’s probably my economist brain speaking), and telehealth can definitely connect patients to healthcare service providers more efficiently. Studies have also shown that outcomes of telehealth are similar to in-person health visits for certain conditions.

3. What’s the most challenging thing you’ve experienced in your career?

I was an orthopaedic surgical resident (trainee) during my time in the public sector. The death of a patient whom I operated on had a big impact on me. Although the death was not due to the surgery itself, the grief and loss that the patient’s family went through definitely affected the way I practice.

4. On the flip side, what’s the most joyful thing you’ve experienced in your career?

That would more certainly be the joy of establishing a good rapport with your patients, and chatting about day to day things outside of the clinic setting.

5. You look pretty fit and healthy. Can you tell us your top 3 secrets for keeping in shape?

Ha-ha, I think I can strive to be fitter. My top 3 secrets are probably 1) the discipline to work out and control your diet, 2) having like-minded friends to spur you on during workouts and 3) knowing there is no shortcut to success, only hard work.

6. What’s one common myth about nutrition that you feel should be debunked?

Starving yourself and limiting yourself to one meal a day is something you should never do, because you’ll just end up binge eating. A diet has to be sustainable and should not deprive your body of the necessary nutrition it needs. So eat a healthy balanced diet, and don’t upset your body’s hormonal and nutritional balance!

7. What’s your favourite hobby or sport that you do when you’re not at work?

I enjoy HIIT because it delivers a big amount of endorphins, and brings out the competitive animal in me. I also enjoy swimming, cycling and running. That’s why I train for long distance triathlons!

8. Last but not least, what is the most bizarre or adventurous thing you’ve done in your life

Well, it has got to be signing up for a full Ironman triathlon race, and not to forget, working for a start up!